Do Not Let Customers Forget About Spring Heating & Cooling Cleansing

Spring cleansing of the Heating & Cooling system can sound easier than it truly is, so it is essential to educate your customers about the whole process. Do your customers understand what enters into a HEATING AND COOLING cleansing?

General guidelines suggest property owners clean their duct every three-to-five years, but numerous elements may increase that frequency, such as indications of mold, just recently completed remodeling jobs and the presence of family pets. Start the discussion by letting your customers understand your suggested timespan for their distinct needs.

It's likewise handy to discuss how the process works. According to the National Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), there are two components of cleaning the HEATING AND COOLING system: breaking the impurities loose and then cleaning them out of the different components. Cleaning the vents? A simple item for your clients' annual spring cleaning list. But others aren't so uncomplicated.

HEATING AND COOLING elements that need regular cleaning include:

- Duct

- Coils

- Drain pans

- Registers and grills

- Air plenum

- Blower motor and assembly

- Heat exchanger

- Air filters and cleaners

Where does the central air conditioning duct come in?

While it's most likely your clients will ask about or request a central air conditioning duct cleaning, the list above shows much more is needed, and that the entire system needs routine upkeep. The impression that one element of the system needs cleansing is simply a way to introduce the full service to new clients.

The equipment needed for a comprehensive cleaning is mostly what differentiates a Do It Yourself effort from a contractor-completed, comprehensive A/C system cleansing. And "extensive" implies more than just "clean." A completely cleaned system effects general efficiency, the convenience of the home, total air quality and devices durability. Trying to DIY this procedure without the correct equipment would be like attempting to change a tire without a wrench or cars and truck jack.

Let's talk spring cleansing.

What does HEATING AND COOLING cleansing pertain to the seasons? In cooler climates, your clients will likely be wrapping up a number of months of closed windows, indoor activities and home enhancement simply before spring gets here. Be cautious not to forget seasonal opportunities for client education. While spring cleaning will be on their minds, they are not likely to think of the effect this closed-up environment has on total air quality.

Luckily for your consumers, a thorough A/C cleaning will need little effort on their part. Just inquire to clear any furniture obstructing the registers before the visit, and use the excellent news that a cleaner system will lead to less dust in the home.

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